S U T T E Y  &  T H E  E N D

O F  T H E  W O R L D S

Ben Suttey is a local legend in Milton Keynes. A wild man. A maniac. A man that can produce the most annoying sounds on earth for sheer sadistic pleasure. With the End of The World, Mr Suttey handpicked the most perverse players from Milton Keynes scene to create a maelstrom of continually shifting time signatures, junk yard bass funk, elasticated yet taut guitar freakouts and  staggering, disjointed rhythms that would paint a grin on Don Van Vliet’s puss. It’s a frenzied attack, the kind that would be visited on the Super Drug condom section 20 mins before the asteroid hits. If you’re going to die, might as well go out with a bang?


Suttypromo https://www.facebook.com/pages/Suttey-the-end-of-the-worlds/128581240662501