It has been over 6 months since we closed the doors of The Burrow. The space is now occupied by our good pals, One 69a, and they have transformed the club into a shit-hot screen printing studio meaning the Islington Mill venue currently doesn’t operate as a performance space. I think The Burrow, and everything that happened in the club prior, should be documented by the people who made this time so special; this is where you come in.


I started working the events at Islington Mill in 2010 and, although I have witnessed a lot, my story is a tiny fragment of the depth of Islington Mill’s history. My aim is to make a book of people’s Mill stories. I know you all have got some raucous and dam right raunchy tales of parties past and I want you to write these stories down and send them to me to collate.


Please share with me as many or as few stories that you can remember. They can be essays or sentences. Photos or Artworks. I just want to hear your memories! If you have any photos to accompany these tales, or artwork relating to the Mill events that you would like to share, then please send them as well.


I am going to take my time on this project, as I want to do it right, so I am giving you until the end of the year to remember and write down your stories. Taking time to remember the special times had at Islington Mill is a pleasure to do, so take your time, and I hope you really enjoy the process.



To submit a story, photo, artwork or general enquiries email:




Please send me your stories by 1st January 2019.



Once I know how many stories and images I am dealing with I will then begin the process of editing them into book form and looking for a publisher etc, but for now, think about your favourite Mill memories, write them down and relive the magic!