Two year programming residency in the Islington Mill event space

After three years of promoting shows in Manchester it was time to challenge ourselves and promote a festival in Salford. With encouragement and support from Islington Mill, Fat Out Fest was born in the summer of 2011. The first festival was a complete celebration of the independent punk/alternative scene and the weekend completely embodied our core DIY ethics.


The 2012 festival saw our program develop and with funding from the Arts Council enabled us to book headlining performances from Lydia Lunch and Jaboe of Swans. This year also saw the development of the visual arts program with exhibitions from Jamie Robinson and MJF Chance.


After taking a year off to consider how to continue developing FOF we took on our most adventurous and collaborative program to date. This festival solidified what we wanted our festival to be; a collaborative celebration of music and visual arts. FOF 2014 (again Arts Council funded) saw headlining performances from Charles Hayward, Melt Banana and Cut Hands but over three stages we invited VideoJam, Gizeh Records, Tombed Visions and Opal Tapes to curate a stage each as well as commissioning an interacting installation which took our program to be even more interesting and diverse than ever before.




A collaborative celebration of music and visual arts.


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