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Pascal Nichols and Kelly Jayne Jones are the incredible musicians behind Part Wild Horses Mane On Both Sides; one of the UK’s most original bands. The former; a percussion extraordinaire and latter; an incredible gifted flautist, as a duo they create mercurial sound-worlds born from ritualistic improvisations that constantly shift in texture, mood and dynamics and rely heavily on an artful integration of the electronic and the acousmatic. PWHMOBS is merely the tip of the iceberg of a vast array of challenging and engaging musical activities from both… each of their CV’s showcasing a dazzling array of diversity that has allowed them to fine tune their improvisational skills and dramatically expand their musical vocabulary. From sound installations,  free-rock jamming, solo sound art and bliss ambience, Kelly and Pascal have fought tirelessly for musical discovery in every project they undertake. It’s something that is reflected in their support for this kind of music, as  both have been tireless in the promotion of fringe and freely improvised music in Manchester, hosting dozens of shows at St Margaret’s Church, Hotspur House and forming Disconcert Manchester; an online and print resource promoting this underrepresented music. As label head honcho, I will have the honour collaborating with Pascal and Kelly on Saxophones and laptop synths, which will mark our third performance as this trio. Joining us on Soprano Saxophone will be my comrade in Naked (On Drugs) Sebastien Perrin, an immensely talented songwriter and improviser who has some serious moves on Steve Lacy’s weapon of choice.

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