D R U N K  I N  H E L L

Drunk_in_hell_image https://www.facebook.com/drunkinhell http://drunkinhell.bandcamp.com/

With the rarity of their live shows increasing, we are understandably honored to be bringing back Drunk In Hell to Fat Out Fest. In our new culture of instant gratification, where music, as product and sound, is literally available at a click of a button, Drunk In Hell stand as an anomaly. With very little in the way of recorded output, and even less available to listen to online, the live event is easily the pinnacle, and often the only way in experiencing this band. It’s a point I’m sure these guys know…because live, there really isn’t any band playing ‘heavy music’ in the UK that can touch them. The have sharpened the pummeling craft to perfection; a cathartic nihilism drenched in feedback, dirge and controlled barbarity.