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Searching for the Perfect Beat : Future Bubblers” is a music initiative and extension of a music concept developed over many years by DJ and Brownswood record label owner Gilles Peterson. “Future Bubblers” is a brand new expansion of the Gilles Peterson and Brownswood Music ethos, with a real focus on making in-roads into new areas, geographically and musically across England.


The music policy at Brownswood Recordings is ‘outside the box’ - it crosses genres, continents and eras of influence and Future Bubblers” waves the same flag. Future Bubblers is about digging for the most exciting and innovative music creatives in each of the “Future Bubblers” cities. Artists from each city will be offered a unique and bespoke mentoring opportunity giving them music industry insights, tools and the self-confidence towards achieving their individual artistic ambitions. Future Bubblers is about helping to unlock doors for artists, promoting creative freedom without commercial pressure and helping artists to develop skills and flourish locally.


The project aims to help local music audiences too; discovering the hidden musical treasures buried deep in their city and putting together positive music experiences that set vibrations for a scene that encourages music to thrive in the cities that first inspired it. “Future Bubblers” is a unique support system that hasn’t previously existed for the ‘outside the box’ artist. It is about building a long-term viability for music makers across the country. It is UK-wide movement of like-minds and vibes.