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Wednesday 23rd March - Sunday 27th March // Exhibition


Exhibition entry from 6pm Wed 23rd March, during all A-Bound events, and other Islington Mill public access times. Browse A-Bound Festival events for schedules.













Exhibition Preview // Thursday 24th March / 6 - 8pm / FREE

Live Painting // Thursday 24th March / 8pm onwards / entry with Cacophonous Sarcophagus ticket (£5 adv) or Festival Ticket (£20 adv)



Fat Out are thrilled to announce the A-Bound artist residency of Helmut Lemke with Sounds of Walls, part of his ongoing and ever developing project The Surplus Value of Sound.


The critically acclaimed sound-artist, who has exhibited at the Venice Biennale and Tate Liverpool, will be capturing audible and inaudible sounds in Islington Mill  through sound recording and drawings over the two-week residency duration. The residency starts on 14th March, culminating in an exhibition during the five-day festival and his first straight-to-wall mural, that will remain in the entrance hall and the Burrow music venue for six months.  


Lemke draws attention to the omnipotent value of sound, particularly to the neglected and the overheard. Through the work’s visual appearance it responds to the structure of the building and all its proceedings; it inspires all present to re-experience ephemeral audible environments, promote awareness of all spheres of sound to ultimately promote and share the beauty of listening.


In Helmut's own words:

"I will concentrate on one sense and transform it into another, from what I hear to what you see. I will draw what I hear directly onto the walls; black ink, pens, pencils, marker, oil sticks, brushes (big 'n small; delicate and fragile, bold and massive. After I have done this transformation I ask for the reverse in the viewer's mind: to listen what's there to see."


Recordings will be made using microphones and pick-up microphones. 'Normal' microphones will capture the 'everyday' sounds of the Mill; its residents, artists, and other users during day time and venue, events, and gallery visitors during evening and night. Pick-up microphones will capture the inherent sounds of the building itself; its fabric, walls, floors, doors, etc during the quiet periods at night and early morning.















Helmut’s exhibition in the Mill's gallery space  focuses on giving context to the mural, including work from previous performances, spreads of drawings created in parallel to the mural, sketches that inform the permanent work, and writings that give a glimpse thinking behind a single transformation process.

What is Said 1 What is Said 2

Drawing sounds of a building / “What is Said is Hear to Stay”

Durational performance of sound investigations and subsequent exhibition of drawings

Valentine Mansion / London / 2014

Bird Sheet Music sound drawings ZIF Bielefeld 2009 the sound of cnap_gaoithe

"The Sound of ‘Cnap-Gaoithe’ – a Strong Gust of Wind"

Isle of Skye / 2014

"The focus of my work originates from my fascination with the sound of the environment I am in and with constant experimentation of how to keep a record of those sounds. Most of all, however, I am intrigued and puzzled by the never-ending quest of how to share something that I have experienced but that has (long) gone. My work is never complete without the active process of communication. All this is brought together in The  Surplus Value of Sound."

Sound recordings created during the production time will be accessible as part of the exhibition in the form of an analogue installation of tape recorders and reel-to-reel machine, and a live improvisation performance with recorded material using tapes and a self-made multiple tape desk.