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Stephen Bishop – aka Basic House – is the founder of Opal Tapes, a label that has been on a stratospheric rise in the collective conscious of the dancefloors wet arts in the past two years. Bishops curatorial excellence has received high praise from Resident Advisor, Fact Magazine, Boomkat and the Boiler Room, not discounting a legion of obsessive listeners. It easy to see why; the likes of Huerco S, Wanda Group, MCMXCI and 1991 have all recorded for the label, folding into a singular roster of game changing musicians. Using the proponents of dance music as site for experimentation, each Opal Tapes release inhabits a dazzling array of austere influences and palpable textures (from dub to musique concrete), smudging these boundaries into entirely new sites of sonic artand ferric beauty that massages the head as well as the hips. Needless to say, Mr Bishop stage will surely have one of the most anticipated line-ups of the entire festival.

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