An interactive sound installation by Don McLean and Harry Taylor.


"Contact Hz" is an immersive experience set in a room designed to disorientate via electro-acoustic circuitry. Participants are invited to explore their tonal preference by navigating through the room inducing a sonic manifestation of physical movement."




Square Square

Don McLean is the founder of both Fortissimo Records and Bletchley’s finest export Action Beat. Don’s promotion work in Milton Keynes and Bletchley, along with the legendary Mad Cow Pate, was a great source of inspiration to Fat Out, booking everyone from The Ex to The Oxes, amongst legions of British staples such as Bilge Pump and Cowtown in a small town starved of culture and true D.I.Y promotion. As Head Honcho of Action Beat, Don’s has toured mercilessly throughout Europe in the bands 10 year, 8 album deep career and have just recently finished a jaunt with the legendary G.W. Sok (The EX) fronting a 3 drummer, 6 guitar headed destruction unit. In 2010, Don was able to reissue Glenn Branca’s seminal ‘The Ascension’ through his Fortissimo Records imprint.  Don currently lives in New York City and records solo under the Don Zero moniker when not rambling over Europe on a 9 week stint with a busted van and a band full of degenerates.


Harry Taylor is a modern day renaissance man. A long serving member of Action Beat, Harry’s activities outside the band have seen him hone is skills as an amp builder, a custom guitar maker, a creator of synthesizers, effects pedals and unique noise apparatus and an extremely talented multi-instrumentalist. He is one of the founders of Carousel, a creative space/workshop based in Wolverton and has recently completed his debut record as The Engineer, who will be performing on the Tombed Visions stage, along with his work in Bletchley nightmare band Bad Body, whose second record ‘Do You Know I Live’ will be reissued by TV on cassette this summer.