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Fat Out is an independent promotion based in Salford NW England. Founded in 2008 by Emma Thompson and Verity Gardner, Fat Out has grown from humble DIY punk roots into a force to be reckoned with in the Salford/Manchester independent music scene. Fat Out was primarily set up as a simple experiment; their only goal was to put on their friends bands and other acts they’d witnessed in the niche but cult-like D.I.Y scene in Milton Keynes, founded and heralded by Don Mclean’s Fortissimo Records. As time has passed, the shows have steadily gotten bigger and more diverse, turning from occasional gig/party organisers into a fully-fledged and recognised promotion. Fat Out was founded on very strong DIY principles as a reaction to the sometimes punishing environment of the independent scene, ethics which have been carried through the promotion to current day.


In May 2015, Islington Mill cemented their long growing partnership by offering the experimental promoters a two year programming residency. Taking inspiration from The Royal Standard (Liverpool) and Transmission Gallery (Glasgow) whom both have rolling two year curatorial residencies, Islington Mill used this model for their live event programme and invited the music promoters to take full autonomy over the creative programme and venue management. The idea was to allow fresh blood and ideas to come through whilst giving an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurial growth.


Launching in June 2015, renaming the Islington Mill event space The Burrow, Fat Out produced a six day span of event with an aim to collaborate with local promoters and introduce Salford/Manchester to their newly redesigned home for the next two years. Over six days Fat Out collaborated with artists specially selected acts and collectives such as James Blackshaw, Dan Deacon, Cut Hands, Tombed Visions Now Wave, Grey Lantern, Gesamtkunstwerk, Muto and enabled an artist  residency from visual artists Jermyn MTK and Tasha Whittle.


Proving themselves as cutting edge, creative promoters by booking acts such as Swans, The Bug, Boris, Russian Circles, Bohren & the club of Gore, Jarboe, Melt Banana and Lydia Lunch, Fat Out have also created three successful festivals; Fat Out Fest 2011, 2012, 2014 curated with longstanding collaborator David McLean of Tombed Visions Records.  Fat Out venture into the obscure and creative potential of artists both locally and internationally with an aim of discovering new and adventurous music and producing captivating live shows for both artist and audience alike. Aside from aiming to promote a combination of challenging, intense, experimental and downright rowdy music, one of the driving ideals is to treat artists with the respect, trust and professionalism deserved.


2013 saw Fat Out challenge themselves and produced their first international event at the Silent Barn in Brooklyn NYC. This event brought together NYC based musicians and visual artists based in the UK for a night of one off transatlantic collaborations.


Until August 2017 Fat Out’s main focus will be to deliver a diverse, interesting and audacious programme in their Burrow. Fat Out thrive on collaboration and will continue to seek to grow their network of musicians, visual artists, curators and promoters on which to work with on producing unique events.