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Atrocity Exhibit -


By far the most ferocious and intelligently aggressive band to come out of the Northants/Milton Keynes wasteland, Atrocity Exhibit regurgitate all the hatred and frustration of being a Bucks resident in fittingly  Ballardian fashion. Tar and feathering the listener with insanely kinetic grind  and disgustingly unclean crust, TAE's strength comes in the ungodly well placed collapses into spinal cord rupturing doom grooves. Managing effortlessly to sidesteps all the clichés of jock-powerviolence, it’s easy to see why TAE have secured supports slots with Napalm Death, Wormrot and toured with Atomck. And their bass player is really good at Rugby. Sunday needs a well timed punch in the face, and these boys have that haymaker. IN DOOM WE GRIND.