Two year programming residency in the Islington Mill event space


Alexander Tucker -


Hypnotic and magisterial, Alexander Tucker’s gnarled blend of folk, drone and electronic ambience is a near perfect musical imagining of the deep dark of the forest floor. An ageless sound that belies the artists reliance on strings (plucked and bowed), found sounds, choral vocal harmonies and entrancing loops. Rather, something more ancestral, and very English, seems to be channelled in which Tucker is only a mere vessel. Mournful vocal harmonies seep like fog through the bracken of intertwining twigs and envelope the listener in a golden, autumnal sound where one can almost smell the moss on the rocks and hear the crackle of dead leaves underfoot. His latest offering Dorwytch cements his position in the great pantheon of obscure British folk along the likes of Pentangle and Fairpoint Convention.