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Agathe Max


A G A T H E  M A X


Graduated in Electroacoustic Composition, violinist Agathe Max, beside different collaborations (KURO, Farewell Poetry, Hell  & High Water, Racing Fever, Duane Pitre...) works on different projects including music and sound design for documentaries, animated movies, short movies, theater, contemporary dance and art exhibitions.


Trained in classical music for 1O years, she graduated at the Bourgoin-Jallieu School of Music, France, in 1995. Later on, she got exposed to improvised music and to the experimental scene. Inspired by a world both enchanting and draped in darkness, she  has developed a wide range of sound textures, unique and melodious, creating unconventional and magnetic musical pieces reflecting a personality in constant search of rareness in music.


Violinist in KURO, she has just released an album on Rocket Recordings with Gareth Turner on electric double bass. She recorded a first album, self-produced, in 2006,  entitled Solace the Grizzly.


In 2007, the independant record label Angry Ballerina released a live album, Sonic Live, recorded at Sonic, a prestigious musical venue in Lyon, France.


The same year, her encounter with the drummer and composer Jonathan Kane was crucial and led her to collaborate with the record label TABLE OF THE ELEMENTS with whom she released her third album This Silver String in October 2008. It was widely acclaimed by the press and presented in tours throughout US and Europe.


Dangerous Days, her first LP, was released on February 2013, on the french label Inglorious Records. More orchestrated and  deep, the 6 tracks of this album have in common soundscapes  leading to reverie and contemplation with hypnotic rhythms and surprising tunes.

Her last solo album Ambiance 2 was released in april 2014 by BoxBedroomRebels,from Manchester. It is an hommage to Brian Eno’s Ambient, including one EP with two tracks and a CD long play with  a 75 minutes of meditative piece.


She has also created a project called OFIELD, electronic  music mixing environmental sounds with effects and loops, creating a new kind of soundscapes for an imaginary land.OFIELD is linked with the tradition of Electroacoustic Composition, it is therefore the continuity of Max’s work.

A G A T H E    M A X