Two year programming residency in the Islington Mill event space.


May 2015 - August 2017


In May 2015 Islington Mill offered Fat Out their event space giving us full creative control over the events program and venue management. It was a long standing dream of ours to have our own venue; total autonomy in programming and also managing a platform to engage with new artists, collaborators and the community. We are incredibly grateful to have been given this opportunity by Islington Mill.


In those two years we put on shows for the following (apologies to anyone who we missed out!)


Action Beat / Actress / Anchorsong / A.P.A.T.T / Andrew Weatherall / Annabel Fraser / Anonymous Bash / Antal / Årabrot / Bas Jan / Barberos / Bernard + Edith / Big Sexy Noise / Bilge Pump / Blood Sport / Bo Ningen / Boanthrope / Bohren & Der Club Of Gore/ Official / Cattle / Charles Hayward / Cinthie / Circuit Breaker / Conor Thomas / Consumer Elecronics / Cut Hands / Daisuke Tanabe / Dälek / Damiano Von Erckert / Dan Deacon / Daniel Wakeford / Destruction Unit / Dope Body / Dopplereffekt / Dutch Uncles / Eagulls / Ex-Easter Island Head / Father Murphy / Fith / Föllakzoid / Gang Of Four Official / Ghold / Giant Swan / Gnod / Golden Teacher / Group A/ Gum Takes Tooth / H.U.M / Helmet Lemke 'Sounds Of Walls' Artist Residency / Heather Leigh / Henge / Horrible True Confessions / House Of John Player / Housewives / Hunee / I Know I'm An Alien / Ill / Irma Vep / Islam Chipsy / Ivan Smagghe / James Blackshaw / Jibóia / Jlin / Joanna Gruesome / Joanne Robertson / John Doran / Joy Social / Kayo Dot / Ken Vandermark / Kink Gong / Kuro / Lake Of Snakes / Laura Cannell / Levelz / Locean / Lumisokea / Lydia Hirst / Lydia Lunch / Manatees / Marcellus Pittman / Maribou State / Martin Creed / Mdou Moctar / Minimal Bouge / Moon Duo / Official Mr Scruff/ Mr Tc / Mugstar / Mums / Mother / My Disco / Naked (On Drugs) / Nate Wooley / Necrodeath / Optimo (Espacio) / Ought / Palehorse / Part Chimp / Peaches / Peter Brötzmann / Poppycock / Qujaku / Radian / Lydia Lunch Retrovirus / Richard Dawson/ Richard Skelton / Rose Kalal / Ruf Dug / Sarathy Korwar / Sax Ruins / Selvhenter / Shit And Shine / Shitwife / Sly & The Family Drone / Sparky / Teeth Of The Sea / Terminal Cheesecake / The Bug Vs Dylan Carlson Of Earth / The Ex / The Space Lady / Thurston Moore / Tomaga / Trummer & Orgal / Ubre Blanca / Vanishing / Water / Werk / White Hills / William Basinski / Yossarians / Yussef Kamaal / Zu















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Two years ago Islington Mill gave us their club space. No rules. No expectations. Just full trust and support. We were given full rein of our favorite venue which became our Burrow.


The programming residency was offered to us on a two year lease and this June our time is up.  Islington Mill offered for us to continue our residency and it wasn’t an easy decision for us not to carry on, (one we toyed with for the best part of a year). We have decided to hang up our hats and close The Burrow chapter at the Mill, but not without one fucking massive final party on Saturday 19th August.  


Islington Mill has always been and always will be a place of constant change, a place that welcomes new energy and encourages people's creativity. This is exactly what it has done for Fat Out. By giving us the support we needed but also full creative control, the residency has developed us as curators, people, creatives and business women. Islington Mill will always be our home. We are excited to take on new challenges but the roots that we have made here and wealth of expertise Islington Mill houses will always be a resource and for that we are grateful and incredibly lucky.


We are truly thankful to Bill Campbell, Maurice Carlin and Mark Carlin for this opportunity to develop our programming game and experience running our own space. Erika Rushton, Jo Byrne, Stina Puotinen, Isadora Darke, Andy Blundell, Sophie Gardner and Laura Mccann for their support and hard work. We would also like to thank the team and tenants of the building who have supported us and built a wild and wonderful family-like unit as well as populated and performed at a number of our shows.


So what’s next …  Individually we want to take this time to work on new projects and have some head space to think about more long-term plans. As for Fat Out we will still put on shows but we want to really focus our energy on Fat Out Fest and pushing the festival forward to being a leading UK festival for the weird, wonderful and truly experimental music.


As for plans for the event space, you could be next to take it on. Islington Mill are looking for proposals from people with a vision for not only the event space but other large spaces that will become available as a result of redevelopment. There will be Open Night on Thursday 22nd June where you can come and find out more and put forward your idea. For more details email [email protected]


Massive thank you to Islington Mill for an incredible two years. Make sure you join us on 19th August for an emotional goodbye to our Burrow and one hell of final party.


Emma & Verity