Although I have, and continue to play with Callum Higgins, I’m still utterly fascinated every time he takes to the stage under his Yes Blythe moniker. Perhaps it’s his practice of extracting the music; using a rig that contains a ton of pre-recorded sample tapes smudged together through effects pedals and a mixer that creates these detailed, desolate and bloated sonic atmospheres full of beauty and terror. It’s amazing to behold. John Dean’s Vei project is one of the most underappreciated in the city, in my opinion. What becomes instantly apparent when you watch him live is how good his production skills are. In large part that’s due to his skills as a multi-instrumentalist, pouring a vast array of instruments, from Double Bass to tuned metal roads into his productions that constantly mutate in rhythm and shade. The main attraction of combining these two artists is the disparity in their respective practices. Although both are highly intuitive, one is more tightly controlled, the other far looser. I’ve been told that the two are busy working on a considered alchemy of both and I can’t wait to see the results!

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