T E R M I N A L  C H E E S E C A K E


The reactivation of Terminal Cheesecake in 2013 left many, including The Wire and The Quietus, foaming at the mouth with anticipation. And Rightly so. Forming in the defining years of the Acid House Revolution of the late 80’s, Terminal Cheese grasped the heady and woozy spirit of those times and charged it with an animalistic appreciation for rock, psychedelia, blues, jazz and noise, creating a wall of sound whose live incarnation throughout the 90’s became the stuff of legend. With the current version of TC counting members of God, Head of David, Skull Flower and The Vibes among the ranks, in needn’t be said that their live delivery now surpasses the might of the 90’s heyday. And a man that has been pivotal to this fact is Neil Francis, formerly of Gnod,


taking the up the vocals duties with aplomb. In recent times, there’s been an almost manufactured ‘comeback’ of pyschedlia, with legions of bands claiming influence from the genre and spawning many, many pretenders to the throne. When a band like Terminal Cheesecake reform, you suddenly remember how important they were to the current sounds, how unappreciated they were in their time and more often than not, how desperately needed they are to come back and show these charlatans how it’s fucking done. Well, the kings have finally returned to the table and they will have their just fill.