R U N   D U S T


Luke Calzonetti floored us not once, but twice last year with his snarling, sneering debut performances in Manchester under the Run Dust Moniker. A former member of Fat Out favorites Child Abuse, with this project, Doussier’s confrontational approach, whilst buried beneath analogue cacophony, can still very much be detected. Stacking the strafing sounds of polyrythmic techno atop crumbling, D’n'B battery, Doussier manages to infect the propulsive atmospherics with an almost Giallo score sheen, colouring the Kraut-rock circularity of the riffs with his vocoder gauzed voice that calls out to undead ravers, demanding more human flesh! Stygian black dance floor boogie for the bogey men.

Link http://teslatapes.bandcamp.com/album/run-dust-trank-gunbutton https://www.facebook.com/rrddust