M I N I M A L  B O U G E


Minimal Bouge are quite simply one of the most original bands we’ve ever seen. Sourcing their sounds from steel drums, double bass, customised percussion, prepared table top guitars, theremin, organs, synths and spoken word, the quartet craft fascinatingly detailed music that runs the gamut from jazz tinged improvisation, post-industrial minimalism and solemn novellas of word and melody poems. Watching the four musicians converse through their complexly structured songs is a wondrous experience, each player locked into the intricacies of their craft that feeds the wider sound, washing the listener in exotic and awe inspiring music you simply would not expect to come out of the instruments they are playing. Put simply; un-fucking-missable.

http://minimalbouge.bandcamp.com/ https://www.facebook.com/pages/Minimal-Boug%C3%A9/562845463781520