M I K E  O ' N E I L L

W /  D W E L L I N G S


Mike O’Niell will be familiar to many in Manchester for his work with The Sonar Yen, an inspirational band in the cities independent scene. Returning last year with his debut recording for Gnod imprint Tesla Tapes, O’Neil’s biting social critique and astute questioning of modern culture and power structures is delivered with a call to arms gravitas that cannot help but move you to your core. The vocal delivery, at times hypnotic, burrows into the brain with it matter of fact, no bullshit sentiment which will have you nodding along in agreement. The foundations for these polemics is the brilliant work of Gnodhead Druss, whose productions dig deep with propulsive electronic percussion and noirish, urbane melodies; a perfect foil for O’Neil’s passionate fury.

http://teslatapes.bandcamp.com/album/michael-oneill http://www.last.fm/music/Michael+O%E2%80%99Neill/+wiki