Exhibition opening of new work from Jermyn MTK and Tasha Whittle.




19.00 - 00.00   //  £6 FROM .....

JAMES BLACKSHAW (Live) // TEKLA (Live) as part of the launch of FAT OUT'S BURROW.


Opening a six day launch of Fat Out's two year residency in the Islington Mill event space James Blackshaw will be performing live in the newly redesigned Burrow.


This night will also be the opening night of an exhibition by Jermyn MTK and Tasha Whittle, who will be exhibiting, performing and interacting in the gallery space as artist in residence during the launch.




James Blackshaw performs celestial and spirit-lifting guitar-led compositions. Meditative in quality, cinematic in scope, his music spirals gracefully across complex patterns, motifs and harmonics. He made his name as a 12-string acoustic guitarist, and his relationship with the instrument is near perfect. With an extensive back catalogue to his name on labels like Young God Records, Tompkins Square and Important, he has developed a unique playing style that takes Takoma school finger-picking into an entirely new place. Swirling overtones, cascading notes and a thousand points of light cascade from his guitar and create ever-shifting textures that bear the influence of contemporary classical composition, post-rock dynamics and invisible soundtracks as much as the American folk guitar tradition.

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