G U M  T A K E S  T O O T H

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Where do you even start with a band like Gums Take Tooth!? Is it Power-Violence? Is it Power-Electronics? Is it Power-Noise? Is it just sheer fucking Power? Damn right. The Hackney duo make the sound of about 8 bands, bashing out blastbeats and doom drops like Man Is The Bastard and spewing out the charred remains of synthesizers and sound oscillators, whose dying screams would make Stockhausen wince. A complete head fuck. A fucking maelstrom of everything intense and your invited to be sick right in the middle of it all.


http://www.gumtakestooth.com/ https://www.facebook.com/gumtakestooth https://soundcloud.com/tigertrap/sets/gum-takes-tooth-silent/