F A R E W E L L   P O E T R Y  


Farwell Poetry is a multi-disciplinary group based in Paris. Boasting a cast of filmmakers, poets and multi-talented musicians, this fluctuating collective offer a completely immersive and panoramic experience. Perhaps their closest relation would be the critically acclaimed Rachel’s, were it not for the cineaste and literally aspirations of the groups output. Using 16mm and 8mm films as a canvas, the group swelling neo-classical inspired instrumentals is matched in tone with darkly evocative prose of their spoken

poetry. We urge you to take a precursory listen to this fantastic group, for afterwards you will surely agree that their performance at Fat Out Fest will be undoubtedly awe-inspiring.

http://www.farewell-poetry.com/ button http://www.gizehrecords.com/farewell-poetry.html