The Electroacoustic and The Modular Synthetic

Danny Saul is a local legend. And being a true gent, I think he’s totally deserving of the title. Many of you will have seen Mr Saul play in a variety of alarmingly diverse bands, but it’s his recent electroacoustic work that has left me speechless. Currently studying for a PhD in the practice, Danny’s 8 –channel acousmatic works are, I assure, a revelatory sonic experience that I won’t bother to attempt to put into words. Sam Weaver has become a valuable addition to the Islington Mill team. One half of London outfit Hungryghost, Sam has brought his expert knowledge to building synthesizers, recently playing Peter Edwards Casperelectronics at the Mill, the culmination of a variety of synths building workshops in the space. A skilled improviser, he has recently recorded with Gnod, an experience I was privileged to share with him. His work with analogue devices is incredible. Seeing these two experts playing back to back, juxtaposing the electroacoustic against the modular and synthetic, will be a feast for the ear.

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