Colin Webster is a beast! I managed to catch him earlier this year with Sledgehammer-Jazz unit Dead Neanderthals. It was fucking intense and absolutely non-relenting. It’s clear that Colin is a force to be reckoned with in London’s improvising scene and the amount of projects he’s involved in clarifies his hunger for this music, including duos with turntableist Graham Dunning and drummer Mark Holub  and a trio appearance soon at Café Oto with Alex Ward and Steve Noble. He’s also an integral part of Anthony Joseph and The Spasm Band and has played with Archie Shepp! Seeing him play, I could think of no better duelling partners than the Birchall/Cheetham duo. David Birchall is one of the most original guitarists I’ve ever seen play. It’s almost anti-guitar. The way he contorts the sound, from delectate volume swells to ear piercing scraps, all the in the flicker of an eyelid; it has to be seen. I can’t do him justice with words. What I will say about the man is that, like Pascal and Kelly, he has be absolutely tireless in booking,  promoting and championing fringe music in Manchester. He should be applauded for it. Andrew Cheetham is one of the most in demand drummers I know. And that is because he is absolutely filth…..technically proficient, solid and inventive. In the past few years, Andrew has reinvented himself into one of the finest improvising percussionist on the scene who can devastate with rhythmic detonations and subdue with subtle bowed cymbal work. As a duo, Birchall and Cheetham ricochet off each other with telepathic intent. I literally cannot wait to see them duel with Colin Webster; all three musicians are at the height of their game and will be perfect and devastating close to the Tombed Visions stage.



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