The practice of making entirely your own electronic devices for maximum mind-fuckery is one of the skills that links both these acts, as well as the curse of being spawned in Leighton Buzzard. Circuit Breaker, a duo formed by brothers Edward and Peter Simpson,  provided my label with one of its strangest releases yet. Their record ‘Grid’ showed a skewered and angular take on Industrial primitivism and haunted Post-punk, assaulting the corporeal with a trembling yet firm fist, possessed by the likes of Ike Yard, Coil and Death In June. It was also the fastest cassette to sell out. Harry Taylor has been experimenting with building his own amplifiers, speaker cabinets, guitars, pedals, modular synthesizers and noise generators for well over a decade and has been integral to creating the gallery installation piece ‘Contact Hz’ for this year’s fest. He is also the author of one of my favourite albums released this year, The Engineer 1, a unique and varied trip into the malaise of corporate work culture, voiced with many of his self-made instruments, paid voice actors(!!) and Taylor’s emotive baritone that calls to mind Scott Walker and M Gira. Seeing these two acts collide is a prospect I’m very much looking forward too.


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