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We are the Manchester live music promoter FAT OUT TIL YOU PASS OUT


Fat Out Til You Pass Out has grown from its small humble beginnings into a forced to be reckoned with in the Manchester independent music scene. Starting in 2008, Fat Out was primarily set up as a simple experiment; their only goal was to put on their friends bands and other acts they’d witnessed in the niche but cult like D.I.Y ...scene in Milton Keynes, founded and heralded by Fortissimo Records. But as time has passed, the shows have steadily gotten bigger and more diverse, turning from occasional gig/party organiser into a fully fledged and recognised promotion with acts as diverse as Dalek, Shrinebuilder, Wolves in the Throne Room, Boris / Russian Circles and Damo Suzuki playing for the promotion in only the past 18 months. Although the promotions profile has grown along with the calibre of the shows, the collectives core ethics remain intact.




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Fat Out was founded on very strong principles as a reaction to the sometimes punishing environment of the independent scene. Aside from aiming to put on a combination of challenging, intense and downright rowdy music, one of the driving ideals was to treat these touring musicians playing with the respect and professionalism they deserve. Whether its ensuring they’ve got a place to stay the night or giving them a decent meal, it’s Fat Out’s belief that appreciated musicians play better shows! And that extends to throwing them a quality after-party! Another important ethos of the D.I.Y collective is the elimination of any elitism and a championing of the Dionysian spirit when it comes to theirs shows. Their shows are just as much about the audience as the band and a celebration of music in general were the boundaries of elitism and snobbery are shelved for getting fucked-up and rowdy!



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